BC core Drilling


Let our professionals handle your core drilling

There's hardly any surface that our team can't drill. Whether you're looking to have brick, concrete, or other materials drilled, our licensed, bonded, and insured team has the equipment and experience to handle it.


Some things to consider when you need drilling work: how many holes are needed? What sizes and thickness? What material will be drilled? How high should holes be on walls when wall drilling, etc.


Our team will handle your work whether we need a lift, scaffold, or you need a job done in a stairwell or other tight area. Get custom work that only ends when you're satisfied!

Custom drilling to your specifications

Our expert team can handle drilling that perfectly meets your needs. We have cores up to 12-inches in diameter and can drill 24-inches deep.

Need slab drilling? Whether your slab is on grade or suspended, our team can spot below or make adjustments to get your work done properly and on time!

Get drilling wherever you need it

 •  Walls

 •  Slabs

 •  Roofs

 •  Tight areas

Our team can protect certain finished areas for you as we finish your drilling work - just let us know and we'll make the adjustments.

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